2017. április 5., szerda

Announcing Haskell Tools

The Beta version of Haskell Tools is released! You can use Haskell Tools to refactor your haskell code whether it is a set of cabal packages with hundreds of source files, or just a single module. It has an Atom plugin that enables you to use it in a rich development environment.

Currently 7 refactorings are supported, that are common tasks for a developer:

  • Rename a definition
  • Extract an expression as a binding
  • Inline a binding
  • Generate type signature for a binding
  • Organize imports of a module
  • Move a binding to an outer scope
  • Generate exports of a module

We tested the tool in the wild, refactoring packages on stackage. Our success rate is above 80%, so it is likely that your code can be successfully refactored with Haskell-tools.

Give it a try!

Haskell Tools - Haskell Tools in Atom

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